Jeremy Stuckett – In January 2019 Jeremy started complaining of pain in his hips and back, it was in the peak of wrestling season and we assumed it was a sports injury. On March 6, 2019 after two months of being treated for assumed sprains and pulled muscles, Jeremy was diagnosed with Pre B Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL).

He was admitted to OU Children’s Hospital and began treatment. 

After the first dose of chemo, Jeremy experienced multiple setbacks including Tumor Lysis Syndrome, Press Syndrome, kidney and liver failure, and multiple surgeries, confining him to a hospital bed for four weeks. 
Jeremy has a good prognosis and continues to get healthy during his three-year road to recovery.

My name is Gabrielle Southard-White. I am 33 and a single mom of 2 amazing kiddos and also a 12 year graduate of piedmont schools. I was unfortunately diagnosed with an incurable and sometimes fatal illness called gastroparesis and now to get the treatment I need I need your help getting to there next surgery to potentially save my life. 

Heres my story. I was diagnosed Jan. 2018 with Gastroparesis. Gastroparesis means paralysis of the stomach. The normal stomach digests 90% of food in a day. Mine digests at 6%, yes 6% in a day. Since being diagnosed I’ve undergone 2 major surgeries. They placed a gastric pacemaker to see if the stimulation from the electrodes would help make my stomach contract to where it may process food into the intestines. Unfortunately, that didn’t work. 2 months after having the gastric pacemaker placed they then removed that and removed 75% of my paralyzed stomach. We hoped that would help however it didn’t make much of a change. When I was diagnosed Jan. of 2018, I weighed around 330. I’ve lost 5mm of bone in my mouth due to constant vomiting due to my stomach being paralyzed. I have vitamin depletion and major hair loss. We are at a point where there are no more the doctors in Oklahoma and most surrounding states can do, due to the lack of knowledge on this illness. In one 2 years, I’ve lost so much and still fight daily through the pain. 

I have a chance at a normal life by removing all except 10% of my stomach and removing the 9+ ulcers that have formed around my stomach opening and intestines. This surgery is going to cost 18k dollars. I am in need of prayers and financial help to have this surgery and help to raise my kiddos till I can get back to work. Thank you all for everything!!!!! This is amazing! 
Ps- I sang for the first duck week!!!